Chunky is a simple utility for validating, parsing and producing useful output from ABC/hr listening test result files. Chunky is written in Python. Please send any compliments, comments, bug reports, complaints or patches to <>.

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There are two major components to chunky. The front end provides a command line interface and produces output files. The back-end,, handles all the parsing duties. Other front ends could easily be written (if a GUI was desired, for instance.)

Chunky is Free software distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License.



You can read the chunky online docs or get help by running chunky with -h or --help.

Download chunky:

The current version of chunky is 0.8.5 (beta)

Older versions:


Chunky includes a semi-detailed changelog. Significant changes include:

2008-12-01: chunky-0.8.5-beta

2004-05-25: chunky-0.8.4-beta

2004-05-18: chunky-0.8.3-beta

2004-02-26: chunky-0.8.2-beta

2004-01-29: chunky-0.8.1-beta

2003-10-03: chunky-0.8.0-beta

2003-10-03: chunky-0.7.1-beta

2003-10-01: chunky-0.7.0-beta