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"I can see the mistakes that caused me to lose. I cannot see the mistakes that caused me not to win."

-- Me

The game of Go is truly ancient - at least 3000 years old, possibly much older, but has only gathered attention in the Western world relatively recently. In Chinese it is known as "Weiqi" or "Wei-ch'i" (pronounced way-chee); in Korea it is called Baduk (bah-dook). The name "Go" comes from the Japanese "Igo" (pronounced like "ego"). You may find that every Go page in the internet mentions these names because using a search engine to find "Go" works rather poorly.

I'm learning to play Go and will probably put some information here over time. Actually, learning how to play is easy, the rules are shockingly simple. The hard part is learning how to play well.

Anyhow, several of my other hobbies have generated pages of their own, so I may as well cover this one also. Until I have more content here, please check out some of these links for more information about this fascinating game.

Go Links:

Play Online:

I'm play regularly on KGS and occasionally on NNGS. In both locations I go by the handle fwiffo.