The .png to .ansi mangler.

Pansi is a simple command line utility for creating .ansi images using .png files. Right now, it's little more than proof of concept code, but it will get better. It essentially uses a brute-force search to determine what combination of foreground color, background color and character to most accurately recreate the colors in the original image (at least, in pansi's opinion). It's not too smart yet, but it's getting better. Future features include:

  • More accurate color handling
  • More aesthetic choices of color combinations
  • More fine-grained control of colors from the command line
  • Control of character selection from the command line
  • Sub-character pixel matching
  • Support for fonts other than the default console font
  • Complete man pages
  • Full fledged autoconfig installation
  • More flexible, easier command line parameters
  • More output options and compatability with more terminal types
  • Possible integration with aa-lib

Pansi is ©2002-03 Thomas Schumm. It is free software distributed under the GNU Public License.

2002-01-26 Pansi 0.2.1 released (see Changelog for more info).
2002-09-30 The first public release of Pansi (version 0.2.0).